CDD Graduates - Walden House - October 2006
The following people successfully completed our introduction to computing course.

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 Keith Allen
 Anthony Ferrell
 Richard Lopez
 Clifton Pearson




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Prince Ferguson

House of Uhuru Graduate

Whatever I decide to do, weather school, graphic designing, or the music thing, the more intel I have about computer technology the more calm and collect I can be when the work starts to pile up and frustration comes into play.

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.Tracie Bishoff

Cri-help Graduate

I am also going to use everything I have learned in the computer class to broaden my education and help me with my personal plan for having a successful and productive life without the use of any mind alternating substances.

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Danny Lopez

Phoenix House Graduate

I am extremely grateful to the Phoenix House and CDD and itís volunteers, Michelle, Luciano, and Ryan for breathing life back into this poor and broken spirit, giving me wings and filling me with confidence, motivation and inspiration.

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